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Announcing: Schools Out Party, Saturday June 14, 2008, 1pm – 6pm


to the Tune of FZ's “Willie The Pimp”
Lyrics copyrighted by Bob Witanek 2006
Music the Property of Frank Zappa

Im a big man
At the Pen tuh gone
I press a button
And the world is gone

Got an occupation
Over there in Iraq
A launching pad
For the I Ran Attack

Thousands dead
But that’s ok
Took a deferment
When it was my day

Are we getting rich? 
Woil that’s for certain
Ask all my frenz
At Exxon and Haliburton

Democrats and Publicans  . . . 
That don’t matter
The war goes on
While they pitter and patter

They sellin us:
Hot  wars
Hard Core
Thousands dead
Billions more

White Phosphorous
Burnt flesh
Smoking bombs
Nuke test