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Pictures from an Ugly War

The Counter Insurgency War in Iraq

Comp. / Arr. by RAW Machine Members

Announcing: Schools Out Party, Saturday June 14, 2008, 1pm Ė 6pm

We Want You to Join NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism

Statement on Uprisings in Egypt and Elsewhere
Hand Outs for March 19 March Thru New B Against War and Austerity Espanol
Hand Outs for April 9 March Thru NYC Against War and Austerity

Summer Physical Training Program: Swim / Bike / Run

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. . . RAW, thatís WAR spelled backwards, and thatís because our aim is to reverse . . . or end  . . .. the war.  RAW also is an acronym . . . For Revo . . . as in Revolutionary . . . Anti-War.  We are anti . . .the War Machine! . . .

Watch RAW Machine Perform THE WAR RAP!

War Rap from B Unis on Vimeo.


Click for THE WAR RAP! Lyrics More Videos

Schools Out Video:

School's Out from B Unis on Vimeo.

RAW Machine is a new youth band made up of middle school and high school students.  We hope to expand into a larger musical entourage to raise harmony and possible disharmony against the continuation and escalation of US wars abroad and at home. 

The RAW Machine performed its debut performance before an audience of 30 people on Saturday, January 12th at Mary Jacobs Library.  In our unbiased opinion it was a big success.  We will soon have some edited videos from the performance uploaded to YouTube.  Come back soon to check if the video is up yet.
Click here to read introductory remarks from debut event.
Click here for program from debut event.
Click here for lyric sheets from first event.
Click here for video / lyric links from Jan 12, 2008 Debut Performance

My Original Arrangement of Rzewski's The People United Variations Orchestral/Jazz Arrangement

Sonata in E-Flat Minor

New: Lyrics and Recording of The Fishermen's Revolt - Song of Protest in Response to BP Gulf Disaster


We are especially interested in playing at all venues including events opposing the war and addressing other issues about which we are concerned.  Please contact us today:
e- , p- 908-881-5275, aol sn-  thepianoplayuh MyS-

Or use this form to invite us to perform.

We are also interested in organizing events together with other bands and performers so if you want to collaborate with us on putting together an event, do make contact.

Who is currently in The RAW Machine:
Robert, bass, keyboard / piano, violin, lead and back up vocals
Lead and Rhythm Guitar, lead and back up vocals
Drums and Death Metal Vocals
(others pending permission)

Disclaimer: There is another band called RAW Machine in Portugal.  We are not associated with them.  However, since they picked such a cool name for their band, we provide this link to their MySpace site: .

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