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Swim – bike – run:
What is your summer physical training program?


Robert Colby-Witanek is enrolled in the sprint triathlon at Mercer County Park on July 27 and a “Splash and Dash” event on July 9 in Marlton, NJ.  He is also enrolled in a triathlon camp from July 27 – July 31.


In order to prepare for these events, and possibly others, Robert will be training in all three sports on a daily or mostly daily basis.  His training schedule is not set but it will include doing one, two or all three sports each day.


Robert would be happy to have training partners which can make such preparation more fun and also more successful as athletes support each other in their efforts.


If you are looking to stay tuned up for the track team or swim team, interested in improving your bike riding skills and generally trying to get into shape or stay in shape, please contact Robert as follows: , p- 908-881-5275, aol sn-  thepianoplayuh