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Sonata in E-Flat Minor

When I wrote this sonata, I was influenced by the work of Beethoven. In fact, in various places in the sonata, I use a fragment from the largo from Beethovenís Hammerklavier Sonata. The first movement is traditional sonata-allegro form (without the repeat). The second movement is a scherzo and trio. The third movement is a theme with variations. The structure of this movement is similar to that of the andante of Beethovenís Appassionata. In one of the variations, it changes to a minor key, but then it changes back to the major key in the Bach-like third variation. After the third variation, the theme starts to be restated, but then it gets interrupted by the final movement, which is a recapitulation of the first three movements. The Finale notation software plays the cadenza more mechanically than if it was really being performed. The sonata ends very suddenly, as the coda from the scherzo is played in the minor key.